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Mechanical Music
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Gesellschaft für Selbstspielende Musikinstrumente e.V.
(Society for Self-Playing Musical Instruments)


These pages are about Mechanical Musical Instruments.

If you do not know these beasts, the following pages deliver some hints on them.


At the same time they introduce to you a Society that has been founded by people, which share a common interest in the music and the technique of these rare devices.

In order to inform all members regularly and to deliver a proof of all activities, this society is publishing a Journal with lots of information.


If you are looking for addtitional information on mechanical music, there is a broad range of possibilities.

Why don't you visit one of the numerous German Museums or European Museums, where Mechanical Musical Instruments are on display?


Many of our Members have built their own pages in the World Wide Web.

You may also follow one of these General Links.


This Pages were already discovered by quite many visitors.


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