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The society for self-playing musical instruments is publishing its own periodical with a volume of ca. 60 pages that is printed and mailed in spring, summer, and in December. The christmas edition is supplemented by a complimentary reprint of an historical catalogue, a CD or some other goody of substantial value. If you are interested, you can find a survey of all items that still may be ordered.

By means of specialists’ contributions, news and informations you are thoroughly informed about manufacturers, history and technique of mechanical musical instruments. In addition to a free advertising service, you get important hints by means of reports on new trends and collectors’ activities.

The journal, which is issued several times a year, is sent free to members. Otherwise, the annual subscription is currently 72,00 € in Germany and 78,00 € in other countries.

A free sample of our journal can be requested by completely filling in all fields of our order form.

In case you are interested in reading a sample article, there is a growing list of original contributions on the German version of this page. Of course all of these are written in German.

The „Table of Contents“ for all issues ever published may also be accessed from this page.


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