+++ Achtung: Aufgrund der Corona-Krise ist zweifelhaft, ob die Veranstaltungen in den kommenden Wochen stattfinden. Bitte unbedingt beim Veranstalter nachfragen! +++

2nd Global Piano Roll Meeting – 5th Prelude

Datum und Uhrzeit
12.02.2022 (20:00 Uhr)
12.02.2022 (22:00 Uhr)


The Global Piano Roll Meeting is excited to announce a fifth virtual conference on 12 February 2022. It aims to continue the communication and collaboration sparked by the 2018 gathering, and to be a fourth prelude to a planned 2022 conference in Switzerland. The prelude will be held online via Zoom and will offer interactive opportunities for questions and group discussion. This two-hour meeting will contain a listening session and give insights into the Biblioteca de Catalunya’s piano roll collection and the plans for the conference in June.


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